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See? Did I Not Warn You?

Wow. I'm having a bit of difficulty getting back into the pre-season swing. Once I got through my Sounders withdrawals of the off-season, I realized it wasn't so bad. Once or twice a week I'd find myeslf thinking, "Wow! Better check to see what's going on with Sounders!"

So I'd check, and I'd discover: Nothing. Which I kind of got accustomed to. A little too accustomed to.

Now that training's started, though, this is no longer true. There is so much going on... Well, let's just say I'm a bit behind.

First, a chicken trialist update. There was some guy from Costa Rica who may or may not have been trying out for the team. If he was, he is no longer.

What this means is: Aren't you glad I didn't fill your heads with tales about his sainted grandma (or grandpa, or ailing little sister) and how she/he desperately wants him to play in MLS?

Yes, you are. I and my "trialists are like chickens" policy have allowed you to keep your heart intact.

You're welcome.

On a marginally related but somewhat more personal note, former Gonzaga player Tye Perdido and second-round draft pick Michael Seamon are heading back to school, with the possibility of returning this summer like Mike Fucito did last year.


My maternal area effing hates the preseason.

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