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We are the Rave and the Green

The Crowd that Stands in Unity
We are the Blue and the Grey
Expecting Victory Everyday

-inspired by 311's Something Out of Nothing

In August of '08 the blog launched. There were 37 readers that month. Through an inaugural season that stunned MLS, and local media the blog has continued to grow, in large part thanks to the readers just spreading the word.

That growth lead to me joining this network, which is still growing itself.

Today, as part of the network I have the ability to sell some shirts. They are relatively inexpensive, and will contain phrases and images inspired by Sounder at Heart's writings concerning the team. I may do an occasional one that is match or player specific, but the three that launch the lineup should be good for a few years.

I think the one that will create the most interest is "One Nation, Under Sigi" I prefer it on black myself.

There is also a tribute to soccer being an international sport, and my desire for fans to quit whining about what name to use and just love and follow the sport "It is Life" You'll notice that there is a watermark style print there with a dozen or so words that mean soccer/football.

Lastly, is the one inspired by the Sigi's Game post, simply "Sigi's Game" They matched the font to one of the book cover's from the Ender's Game novel, which was pretty damn cool.

Prices range from 13.99+shipping to just about 20$ based on color and selection.  Shipping starts at 6$ for first item, but only 1$ for each additional.

I do make a bit of money off of these, as does, and of course the company that makes the shirts does as well. This blog was never designed to be a full-time profit making enterprise, but agreements like this sure help my wife think that I'm doing good.

Over this season you are going to get live gamethreads, some locker-room coverage, a bit more of me on the radio, much more of me at practice, more exclusive interviews and more of course of Carlos and Graham. Four trophies are on offer for 2010, let's follow that quest together.


Thank you again Sounder Nation, and if you have an idea that you would like to see on a shirt/hat/sweatshirt email me

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