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To sprinkle over the more detailed game review:

  • Stage Two of Operation Make Jorge Vergara Sad is Complete
    1. Chivas de Guadalajara 3 - 1
    2. Chivas USA 2 - 1
    3. Saprissa ? - ?
  • With the win, the Sounders' odds of winning the Cup actually dropped — from 12.7% to 11.9%. This is a consequence of the screwed up MLS playoff system, where winning means the Sounders earn the right to face LA Galaxy instead of Columbus. But I don't think anyone will begrudge a percentage point here or there in exchange for a happy post-victory weekend.
  • That's a nice lookin streak you got there. The Sounders have now won 5 league games in a row. Only RSL had accomplished that feat this season. No team has won 6 in a row (yet). In their last 13 games, the Sounders have 32 points, a rate of almost 2 and a half points per game. Only the Galaxy have put up an equal number of points in 13 games, when they opened the season with 12 undefeated.