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Three Questions with the Ginge about the Orange of Houston

Will this be the last we see of Pat Onstad? Or will his face still grace the upper deck?
Will this be the last we see of Pat Onstad? Or will his face still grace the upper deck?

Zach Woolsey has many internet enterprises, but the one he does for SBNation is a rapidly growing Houston Dynamo blog. As Seattle looks to end its season on a high note, and Houston looks for the season to just end I started our Three Questions with - Will Houston be using this match as a preview of 2011, or a send-off for the older players that are unlikely to be on the roster?

Zach - I honestly think this final home match will be a chance to say goodbye to some players. There is a good chance that guys like Pat Onstad, Eddie Robinson and Richard Mulrooney may not be back next season. There honestly is much left that Kinnear can see from any of his players that he hasn't seen yet this season. The Dynamo have played better in the past month and didn't seem like a team that even noticed they were out of the playoffs so it makes sense this will be a chance to say goodbye to some veterans.

What's going on with the Dynamo keeper situation now and in the future? Injuries to Onstad and Hall have plagued the season and the new kid doesn't seem half bad. Does Houston only keep one of Pat and Tally?

Zach - I would be surprised if Pat Onstad returns next season. Tally Hall was brought to be the keeper of the future and quite frankly, the future is now. Onstad has been a fantastic player and is still a good keeper but at some point you have to move. A bit of an unwillingness to let go of some older players who had been a part of the growth of this team led in part to the Dynamo's struggles this season, so repeating that pattern would be a mistake. Tyler Deric is a talented young player and would probably benefit from a loan spell to a D2 club where he could get some consistent playing time. The question them become would Onstad want to come back in a back-up roll and at his age, I doubt he'd be interested. I think Hall is the starter next season and another keeper is brought in to back him up.

I keep hearing that Robertson is a smaller pitch. But the dimensions don't seem so small... why does it play like a smaller pitch?

Zach - The field isn't squeezed like Kansas City but it's still not a huge field. I think the feeling that it plays small has a lot to do with the fact that in order to maximize playing space, there is virtually no sideline space on either side of the field. Add to that the hedgerows on the end lines that further cramp the space. You can't help but feel confined by all the stuff they have crammed around the field so while the dimensions aren't bad, the space feels cluttered and thus small. Only one more season before we get out own fancy stadium with lots of room!

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