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Match Day Quick Reference Card: Sounders vs. Crew (USOC final)

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usoc match card
usoc match card

The lineup is in a bit of flux. We realize we have six internationals on the roster, and you'll just have to forgive us that. Chances are, either Blaise Nkufo or Leo Gonzalez will not be in the 18. We're going with Nate Jaqua starting, but if he's not healthy, it will probably be Nkufo and that will likely mean Tyson Wahl starting for Gonzalez.

We're fully expecting Columbus to roll with their normal starting XI. This is their third trip to the final (1998 and 2002) and would be their second title and would give them six trophies (three Supporters' Shields and one MLS Cup).

The Sounders will be wearing Electricity and Columbus will be forced to wear their black kits.

Nearly 29,000 tickets have already been sold, according to the Sounders, so get yours sooner than later if you want to be there.

Not much else to say. This should be awesome.

Hand these out to all your friends:  usoc match card (p)