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Tough Weekend For Seattle Foot-to-Ball versus the Golden State

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Though we tend to focus on the Sounders here, Seattle sports fans are no doubt aware that there are other teams that play half of their games here and are composed of players who live here at least temporarily. A surprisingly large number of them played Californian opposition this weekend, and it wasn't pretty for any of them.

Sounders FC, of course, extended their playoff streak of goallessness to three games (thanks to the solid play of Donovan Ricketts and the equally important contributions of our at least temporarily inept frontline) and now must go down to LA and outscore the Galaxy next weekend to continue their season.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks — our stadium roomies — went down to California ahead of us and found it uninviting, getting run over by the bizarrely competitive Raiders. Only a late field goal kept the Hawks from also being shut out. Despite the loss, the Hawks remain at the top of the horrid NFC West, where every team has a negative score differential.

Their amateur counterparts — the UW Huskies — also traveled down to California this weekend (Edit: No they didn't. It was a home game. Even worse) to check out the digs and got a similar welcome. 13th-ranked Stanford didn't even allow them a field goal and they were pretty much embarrassed 41-0. Now they'll have a difficult path to even getting to .500 and a bowl game.

The other Huskies football (or what the locals call soccer) teams had mixed results against Californians. The men, who at one point this season were nationally ranked before a tough road trip in Cali, once again traveled south and beat Stanford on Friday. But on Sunday they took a 1-0 lead over 10th ranked Cal into the 78th minute before giving up a penalty kick and then losing the game in the 2nd overtime. The Huskies women also split their last road trip to California this season, beating UCLA but losing to USC 2-0 yesterday. They now have one game remaining (at Pullman) before finding out whether they make the NCAA tournament.

It was even a tough week for sports that don't involve kicking an inflated bladder. In baseball, Seattle fans have had plenty of time to come to terms with how historically terrible the Mariners have been. But the wounds are freshly opened when the World Series starts up and the aces on the two competing teams are Cliff Lee — who started the season as a Mariner before being traded away mid-season — and Tim Lincecum — the former Husky whom the Mariners skipped over in the 2006 draft in favor of Brandon Morrow and who then went on to win two consecutive Cy Young awards for a team FROM CALIFORNIA.

And last but not least, the team formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics, and now known as the Oklahoma City Stupid Mass Noun, will be featuring reigning scoring champion and MVP candidate Kevin Durant as they take a swing through California while working towards a second consecutive playoff appearance.

So you'll be forgiven for spending the next week dreaming of Arizona Bay.

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