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Veteran's Day 2010

Sadly, today has become one of those forgotten holidays. The meaning gets confused with Memorial Day, and many places don't count it as a day off work.

Myself I don't work on Veteran's Day - not the day job, and not here.

So if you are looking for my thoughts on new playoff formats, that's coming later.

Today will be about Abel, Justin, Erik and Joel. High school friends who joined before me.

Today will be about Matt (cubed), Chad, Dan, John, Leah, Gian and the dozens of others who helped me through training.

Today will be about Chris, Chad, Tim and the rest of the guys over at Group who welcomed someone that they should not have been in the unit. Thank you for turning me into more than I thought I could be.

Today will be about Tim and Warren, from the Guard here in WA. Men who still serve.

Today will be about Ben, Adrian, Dub, Doug and Julian who I met through my normal work, and who all served.

Today will also be about those that aren't alive to read this - specifically Mike Adams and Travis Patrquin

To quote the facebook meme

I am a Veteran. A Veteran is someone, who at one point in their life, wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to, and including, their life. It is a privilege, and an honor, to serve. Copy and paste this as your status if you are a Veteran. US Army/Army National Guard 1994-2001.

I served during some of the easiest times. I was lucky.

Today, please join me in thanking those that have served, and who are serving. The group is millions strong, and it is a group as diverse as our nation. Sometimes the sacrifices are small, sometimes the deserve their full own day.

For anyone of you reading this that served, I thank you specifically.

Thank you and never work on Veteran's Day. It is a day for us. Take it.

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