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Sounder at Heart Gather and Get Your Scarf

Yeah, this is Jeremiah's dog wearing his scarf. What? You know it's cute.
Yeah, this is Jeremiah's dog wearing his scarf. What? You know it's cute.

Today is the day. 

We have the entire 1st Ave side (that's the West third) of the restaurant to ourselves. If you come early you may be surprised with some gifts from myself and Jeremiah to you. I'll we are asking is for your time. What we hope to give you is an experience of a growing community sharing our time with you.

Mission: Get your scarf; hang out with us for a while.
Place: Elysian Fields
Date: Sunday 12 December 2010
Time: 1PM to 3PM, unless over time, and penalties are required. ;)
Costs: If you pre-ordered your scarf and liked us on facebook 19$.
If you didn't like us please do, we'll knock that down to 19, from the 20 that you owe.
If you want one on that day, let Jeremiah know NOW and pay 20$.
If you want one that day, but don't let him know, cost will be 22$ from now until he is out.
We will be priming your pitcher and table.

Other Stuff: We'll do some roundtable discussions, Q&A going both ways. We'll just kind of talk. The writers here are more pub guys (and gal), not clubbers. The TVs will be on the Seahawks game if you are into that kind of football, but for the most part we'll just be talking about the off-season, and how 2011 looks.

Please RSVP in comments if you will go. We want to give them, and me, a heads up so that we can plan for success.

We have a facebook invite through my personal page for this as there are a bunch of people still friending me there for my soccer stuff. Feel free to invite others.

Please feel free to add your photos to our facebook photo gallery.

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