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What we know so far about Playoffs and Schedule

MLS let its writers know before the official announcement at half time, but twitter is alive with some of the details. 

There will be a balanced schedule in 2011. It was the only logical choice.

There will be 10 teams in Playoffs, with a Wild Card Round added. No idea if it is 5 from each Conference, which will be maintained, or if it is 4 & 4 with 2 Wild Cards. Also no word yet as to how the teams will be seeded. And that's where the details matter. The biggest legit complaint about this year's playoffs was not a silly geography lesson, but was instead that there was incentive for teams to lose in the final few weeks.

For those that say 10 of 18 is too many. The league in its earliest years had 8 of 10. Even MLB is exploring expanding the Playoffs.

This entry will be updated when more details come out.

Update: Garber at Half Time on ESPN

Lalas and Bretos hosting Garber.

Relaunch of Reserve League gets first mention.

10 team Playoff. Balanced schedule over 34.

Mechanism of a play-in game. Still working on details for number of Wild Cards. "We will find a way to solve that for next year."

"We've got to find ways to give more incentive for regular season. Allocation money, seeding or simulated pro/rel."

What would you say to FIFA?

"We are a passionate soccer nation. We love this game"

"We are going to look at an international calendar. It could be at some point we will be in alignment...we will find out in a couple years."


A way that this could work is to have 3 Western, 3 Eastern and 4 Wild Cards make the Playoffs with the WC facing off in midweek games. This would give the mid-table teams a penalty of exhaustion entering the Conference Semis, somewhat compensating for the idea that the top table teams have played in more games during the year in USOC and CCL. It would also mean that two Wild Cards could not face off in a Conference Final.

If that were the case in 2009 Seattle v Fire and San Jose v Rapids, with winners advancing to face LA and C-Bus.

This would not add a "Bye" but add a game.

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