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TORONTO ON - NOVEMBER 21:  George John and Conor Casey try to escape the dreadful MLS Cup final. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
TORONTO ON - NOVEMBER 21: George John and Conor Casey try to escape the dreadful MLS Cup final. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
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Dave might have a more temperate review of the Cup final in the works, but here's my entirely intemperate list of reasons I was disappointed.

— The Sounders weren't in it. Self-explanatory.

— The team that did win it got a lot of scheduling help by mysteriously giving up 2 goals in the dying moments of their final game to shift over to the weak East. We need to get the Warren Commission and Oliver Stone to take a look at the game film. That path through the weak East was supposed to be the Sounders'.

— And speaking of scheduling ridiculousness... Garber's big, hyped halftime announcement was that we'd have 10 teams in the playoffs next year instead of 8. Wow, huge news. They've had 8 team playoffs with everywhere from 10 to 16 teams, so it's not like there's been a consistent ratio anyway. And we're a little noncommittal on the details. We'll find out some other day how they'll be seeded or whether there'll be byes. We'll also find out some other day whether the Community Shield will matter more or whether we'll switch to a winter season or whether we'll have 'pseudo-relegation'. So in short, nothing really. Stay tuned!

— The empty seats in the second half were awful. Whatever the official numbers say, the stadium was at least two thirds empty. Apparently there was some kind of walkout. If it was an attempt to embarrass the league, it worked. Maybe someone should have told the Toronto fans that Seattle also had the MLS Cup Final as part of our season ticket package. But instead of bitching about it we showed up in hordes, stayed for the whole match, and turned the night into a showcase for the league.

— The two winning goals were ugly. A bizarre prone toe-poke from a dogpile and an own goal. Way to showcase the beautiful game. Meanwhile, the losing goal from Ferreira was gorgeous.

— The own goal was off of Shoreline native and Husky alumnus George John.

— The announcers were falling all over themselves to condemn the ref for not calling a penalty when Casey fell all over himself. Yes, it's hard to see, but thanks to the power of Tivo it's clear that Toledo got it absolutely right on the trip. There was zero contact. Casey just flung his limbs around and his head into the air like every other diver on the planet. Okay, there might have been a handball earlier and Benitez gave him a gratuitous kick while he was down, but all of the commentators calling for the penalty are assuming he was tripped. He wasn't.

— But there were some positives. The game didn't go to penalties. And FC Dallas lost, which kept me from looking like (even more of) an idiot for picking them as the least serious playoff team. Though they did deserve to win and make me look like an idiot.

On to the offseason!

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