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Discussion Point: Offensive Woes

Inspired by David Falk's post on the offensive woes of the team (which seems to be an annual thing - for team, he, me) I did some back of napkin numbers and found that the Sounders pre-break averaged a goal a game in those 15 matches, for a pace of 30 goals.

After the break the team averaged 1.6 Goals per game, pacing for 48 goals over 30 matches. That would have been good for best in League by 3 goals, outpacing high powered RSL, Rapids and Galaxy.

I tweeted that the 15 games perfectly match the complete lack of a Target Forward. There was discussion. So now I ask, what was the primary reason that the Sounders couldn't score in the first half?

Was it the lack of a target forward? Recall that this forced odd formational shuffling (we have a huge series on this upcoming).

Was it the lack of Alonso for some of that time?

The defensive tinkering?

Was it FL10's fault?

Something else?


Oh, enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Be glad you weren't acquired by a Canadian side and then traded to a Canadian side on what should have been a holiday.

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