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The @SteveZakuani11 Twitter Q&A

Steve Zakuani seems to constantly find new ways to make soccer fans fall in love with him. Whether it's his commitment to social causes, his play on the field or his general thoughtfulness, Zakuani is an easy guy to like.

Wednesday night, Zakuani was on Twitter answering a wide range of questions submitted by fans. It started when he offered a pair of game-worn boots to those who asked the best questions.

We learned Zakuani is a Mac user, that Patrick Ianni is his road roommate, considers Marvell Wynne a tough matchup and doesn't drink.

Here's what he posted Wednesday, from most recent to first:

He has, not as often as I'd like RT @dvo125 @stevezakuani11 How often do u visit family back home? & has ur brother been to a sounders game?

Not really, no free time! RT @Jreinhold206 @stevezakuani11 you gotten into any of the amazing local hip hop since you've been here?

Pete Vagenas! RT @SeaSportInsider @stevezakuani11 who is the funniest person on the team?

A lion! RT @danyeal @stevezakuani11 If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Yeah we have, we're good friends! RT @SarahPerez822 @stevezakuani11 Do you hang out with @goleador17 like just to hang out ? (:

Haaa he's my friend, great guy RT @biglew8 @stevezakuani11 Heres a winning question: How #awesome is Pastor @judahsmith from @thecitychurch?

I have a macbook air! RT @chrisbackman @stevezakuani11 Mac or PC?

100% yesss! RT @erinbev @stevezakuani11 Also, is our team as devilishly handsome as they seem on tv?

Work on ur strengths more than weaknesses! RT @sutherlandr @stevezakuani11 What's the best advice Nkufo has given you?

Don't watch much TV but The Simpsons as a kid, Cinnamon Toast Crunch RT @biglew8 @stevezakuani11 Favorite cartoon? Cereal?

Love the 5-a-side games RT @jjkusowski @stevezakuani11 What drill in practice do you look forward to the most? Any that you don't care for?

Wynne! But I love facing him! RT @FutbolenSeattle @stevezakuani11 Wat defender has given u the most trouble & rather not face again?

Haha he did well! RT @sutherlandr @stevezakuani11 Did Landon Donovan do a good job of recruiting you to play for the USMNT? ; )

Winning the Open Cup! RT @laura_grace @stevezakuani11: What's your favorite memory from this season?

Vegas, LA, Seattle! Maybe more... RT @CoulterChris @stevezakuani11 Where are you spending the off season? Any vacation plans?

Home Depot and Red Bull Arena RT @SeaSportInsider @stevezakuani11 What's your favorite place to play (Other than Qwest field of course)?

Arsenal, Barca, Milan, Man Utd, Chelsea, Madrid haha! More? RT @sockergrl02 @stevezakuani11 Which European team would you like to play for?

Yes several times! Rave Green ha RT @sammmgabriel @stevezakuani11 What is your favorite color? And have you been to the Space Needle yet? :)

Holy Crap, ECS' Danimal & Ginabina? RT @canlis: Congrats to Dan and Gina! They found the menu at the Roanoke ferry landing on Mercer Island

Haaa! No, that would be mean! RT @eighmee @stevezakuani11 would you ever have a twitter contest and never give out the prize?

No names but yes! RT @Mowsley @stevezakuani11 Do you ever get Told by players from other teams they wish they played for Seattle?

I don't drink! RT @BrettMiller108 @stevezakuani11 Favorite beer?

I always room w/ P.Ianni - one of my best friends! RT @eighmee @stevezakuani11 who is your favorite roommate on the road?

Toothbrush, phones, art! RT @Steph_B_ @stevezakuani11 If you had to leave your home forever & can only take 3 things w/ u wat would they be?

A lot of you asking who'd win a race w/ me, sanna & fucito! w/ the ball I win lol! w/o the ball it's closer but I still win!

Love the fans, miss my friends! RT @sweet_teets @stevezakuani11 what have been ur fav things about Seattle? wat do u miss most from London?

Basketball, I'm not good... but I love it! RT @melmetzger @stevezakuani11 what sport do you think you would have played if not soccer!?

No, it's part of the job RT @my_own_prodigy @stevezakuani11 are you worried about yourself or teammates in the upcoming expansion draft?

Haaa! Way too many! I prank ppl everyday! RT @rachnakapur @stevezakuani11 favorite prank you've pulled on a teammate (at Akron or Sounders)?

With: Sanna Nyassi, Against: Marvell Wynne RT @CoulterChris @stevezakuani11 Who's the fastest player you've ever played with or against?

Probably not! RT @kuh_treenah @stevezakuani11 If it not for breast cancer, would you still wear pink?

Dinner, laughter, and stories with friends & fam on Christmas day! RT @KyleHulten @stevezakuani11 What's your favorite holiday tradition?

I wish I knew RT @kuh_treenah @stevezakuani11 I have a question! Might you know what your last name Zakuani mean? If so what is the meaning?

@LikkitP Second one! @stevezakuani11 Would you rather: do a small amount of good for a large amount of people, or do a large amount of good for a small amount?

Yep! We all do I think ha! RT @eighmee @stevezakuani11 do you ever have fridays where all you wanna do is eat popcorn and watch chickflicks?

Ronaldinho!!! RT @danyeal @stevezakuani11 If you could receive any player's boots, who's would you want?

Haha Kobe is my fave athlete RT @MLSmuppet @stevezakuani11 Who's your fave muppet? Who's your fave athlete? Who's your fave muppet athlete?

As the end of the season approaches and Christmas gets closer, I have a bunch of game worn boots I wanna give away! For the next 24hrs I'll take some questions from you guys, best questions win boots! Questions don't have to be about soccer!

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