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Pre-Weekend Cup Odds

Getty Images for New York Red Bu

Thanks to one of the best single game playoff performances in recent memory (if not ever) from Bobby Convey and a moribund showing from New York's two most recent DP acquisitions, our somewhat surprising pre-tournament favorites are the first side eliminated from the playoffs.

Sounders fans will be hoping that the favorite designation ends up being a curse, since the team that slots into the vacant #1 spot is the LA Galaxy.

The sim continues to strongly favor being in the Eastern Conference bracket. With New York out of the picture, the odds of San Jose and Colorado are given big boosts. The Earthquakes are now only a single win away from Toronto, but Colorado also benefit, because if they maintain their lead and advance past Columbus they would actually have home field advantage in the playoff with San Jose. And if there's any doubt that the current playoff format is on its last legs, an Eastern Conference Final held in Commerce City, Colorado versus a team from San Jose would have to be the final nail in its coffin.

Here's the full table. Sounders are the big underdogs at this point.

  MLS Cup Odds
Galaxy 0.2355
Earthquakes 0.1939
Rapids 0.1874
FC Dallas 0.1335
RSL 0.1318
Crew 0.0656
Sounders FC 0.0523

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