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Seattle Selects Seitz With 9th Pick in Re-Entry Draft

This was a pick we looked at as a possibility yesterday. They still have to work out a contract, but this could immediately fill a need as a potential future replacement to Keller. We'll add more details here as we get them.



Update: Marshall taken by Colorado. Might that free up the cap space to sign Seitz?

Update 2: A little surprised by the lack of action. A lot more than the first round, certainly. But there isn't a lot of downside to taking a flyer on a pick and seeing if a player will sign on the cheap. Then again it's possible that some players have put it out there that there's a particular team they want to sign with and they'll ignore an offer from a picking team (although the picking team gets first refusal). Could use some reporting on this. MLS is so opaque.

Update 3: Josh Mayers tweets that Seitz has signed with the club.

Update 4: And like that he's gone. Josh says we dealt him to Dallas for a 4th rounder in 2012. Hmm. Not a lot of value. Guess that solves the salary cap concern, though. Who was that Austrian keeper again?

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