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What have I got myself into... So it begins!

It's way too early in the morning for me to be doing this. Which is probably why I did.

But, I did it.

I just went and registered for the Seattle Sounders Open Tryouts on Jan 29th and 30th.

That registration fee stung a little, but I'm trying to think about it like this. I am supporting my club, and I'll be paying mostly for the experience, right? The first-hand experience of getting killed by players way bigger and stronger than me. Oh boy.

Anyways, as soon as finals are over (tomorrow), I'm going to start my training regime to try and get back into physical shape and fit for the try-outs. I'm being serious now. And I'm saying that to remind myself, not you. It's easy to say that I'll go out on weekend mornings to do drills by myself, but when it's raining and 40 degrees outside, I won't be that motivated to.

So if anyone has any indoor teams with empty spots, PLEASE let me know. Also, if anyone has any tips as to what I should be doing, the comment box is right below. Otherwise, I've been bouncing around different ideas for what I am going to call this whole... "Journey to Becoming a Sounder". Or, "Mid-winter Death Date", or "Nike's The Chance: Blown". On the other hand, I am genuinely excited to kick a ball around. I've been itching, and it's been too long since I've played competitively.

So, ladies and gents, for the first time ever on the Offside Blog Network....

Sit back, bookmark this spot, and enjoy. Over the next month or so I hope to document, to a certain degree, what it takes to be a Sounder, more importantly what not to do to become a Sounder, and to try and not make a blubbering fool out of myself in front of some professionals come 30 days.

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