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Open Flavor Fridays

This is something a bit new. We've had "open threads" but always for soccer stuff around here. But, based on some feedback, and some requests, and what I've seen around SBN I'm going to go with a weekly Open Thread, but just to talk about Flavors.

I will note some of my flavor experiences during the week, and in comments maybe update during the the weekend. We'll keep the intro small. It won't be a FanPost so if you don't care it won't take up space. This may shift during the season.

We'll talk beer, wine, food and maybe other beverages. Others will talk coffee - I can't as it is my full time job.

Let's get a few things out of the way. If you are not of legal consumption age in your place of residence do not drink alcohol. Do not drink in excess, unless you are around people you know in a private place. NEVER, EVER drive drunk.

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First up is a non-alcoholic beverage - San Pellegrino Limonata. While my wife prefers the orangey one, I really like the Limon. Less carbonation than the standard soda in America. I tend to prefer high-acid/sours and less sugar so this is right up my alley. I'm normally a ginger ale guy when it comes to carbonated beverages, but this is now on my list.

Due to my wife, and Kei Kamara (his twitter), I've been hearing a lot about Chipotle. Finally I have tried it. For fast food style Mexican it was a little pricey, but it was decentish and quick. Maybe I'm used to the two taco trucks down by work, but there was a tiny lack cilantro. I would still prefer the northwest classic of Taco Time if I want pricier QSR Mexican or a cart. Now days there is no reason to go to Taco Bell. One bonus from Chipotle is a bottled beer lineup and wine-aritas.

Dogfish Head has found a way to market themselves beyond just boutique beer consumers with a bit of extra attention from the new reality series on Discovery. Later this weekend I'll try a wider variety of their offerings, but last night I had the classic 90 Minute IPA. Some have called this America's best IPA, but if you are expecting standard IPA florals and citrus from the overhopping they aren't quite as intense as you can get from some of the Extra/Double IPAs from the PNW. But it is still an awesome beer, with a scotchy/sweet note that is unique in this style. My first personal brewing experience was an attempt to recreate these flavors in a beer we called Our Halves are 45 Minutes.

There's a sampling of some of my favorite flavors from the week. What have you enjoyed lately?

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