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Open Flavor Fridays - New Year's Eve Edition

You may have missed the first OFF last week, as it was on Christmas. To recap this is a weekly open thread to talk flavor.

We'll talk beer, wine, food and maybe other beverages. Others will talk coffee - I can't as it is my full time job.

Let's get a few things out of the way. If you are not of legal consumption age in your place of residence do not drink alcohol. Do not drink in excess, unless you are around people you know in a private place. NEVER, EVER drive drunk.

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Let's lead off with two different beers.

First, Samuel Adams Chocolate Stout. You can only get this in their Holiday case, available at Costco, but if you are a fan of the brewer who is the most mainstream of the specialty sector you'll like what they do here. A fairly standard Stout with good balance the chocolate notes are faint. They claim on the bottle that the beer rests on a bed of cocoa and the lack of overt sweetness, nor syrupy textures calls their marketing true. A solid dessert beer that would pair well with chocolates and coffee flavors.

Next, a few of the Seattle area SBN writers got together at the Ram down at Kent Station. I started with their Red IPA which didn't have the malt flavors I expected when the word 'red' is in the name. The IPA notes were a straightforward representation of that branch of the beer tree. What I was more impressed with was the schooner of Ol'Mallwalker. This was done in the strong ale style. It had some scotchy notes from the malting, smooth and sticky at the same time. Hop notes were minor. Alcohol content was high.

One of the things the wife and I treated ourselves to over the month is stove top popcorn maker. This has the great advantage over the microwave stuff in that you can season it to your own delight. Lately chipotle cayenne pepper and cumin have joined standard salt and butter on the corn.

Half the 214 crew got together on Christmas morning and had some amazing french toast. While the egg wash was fairly standard, it is the bread that they use that makes the difference. A cinnamon swirl bread from Great Harvest adds even more cinnamon and some sweetness. You hardly need syrup.

What were your favorite flavor experiences over the holiday week? Is there a favorite dish that you have, or a new one that you want again?

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