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Open Tryouts! OMG OMG OMG

Hmm normal boring off-season day. No real Sounders news today on the website, Stevie came home from Everton. Hmph that's cool glad he's back as an American resident. Anyways, I wonder what I'm going to write about now that the opposite of the MLS silly-season is here. This is soooooo boring.

Sounders Host Open Tryouts

Did I just read that right?


Open Tryouts. Starfire. January 29th and 30th!

Wait, it's a $125 registration fee. But still, HOLY CRAP. This is my second chance!

Just to be clear, the first Sounder Super Search, I was totally in. I got myself hyped up, convinced myself I would be on the roster for the inaugural Sounders line-up, and did everything I could to get ready. I even committed myself to a strict 3-week training schedule, but it ended up just being juggling in my garage and playing one v. ones... online, in FIFA 10. I was totally going to make the early morning drive (all of 20 minutes) to Starfire to participate, but overslept.

I've regretted my decision to pass up my chance to make it big. Every. Single. Day.

Regardless of the fact that the last Sounder Super Search winner got cut before he even laced his shoes on. And who cares that the fee is so expensive, and that I'll probably get blown out of the water if I even tried. I am seriously, not even joking here, considering doing it. And the right way. From now until then, I have over a month to get ready. Then again, so does everyone else in the Re-Entry draft. But they're probably at bars partying, or fancy restauraunts eating delicious foods. Probably being semi-pros and all.

Space is likely to fill up very fast, like in the next several days. And I am so on the edge of using all of my $125 to register. Plus, it'd give me something to blog about for the next month and a half as I prepare and train to get ready.

Screw it, how about this. If I receive just ONE donation towards the fee, I will commit myself to a month-long, detailed blog-a-thon of my process. Assuming it's not already filled (filling out application as I speak, by the way, which foot is my kicking foot? why can't I list head?). So I am accepting donations using my paypal account at And this is not some weird bribery scheme to steal your money and then use it for illicit means. Heck, I'm even open to sponsorship ideas, or for wearing a shirt that says "SEATTLE OFFSIDE IS NUMBA 1" with your name on it.

So yeah. Live vicariously, through me! Together, we can all fulfill our dreams.

Think about it. This could be me! (Or you too)

In any case, all proceeds go towards the Youth Academy, so at least it's for a good cause.

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