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To be an Alarmist - Is tomorrow the last day of preseason?

Today, the snowpocalypse canceled the scheduled meeting between the MLS PU and the League. The current extension runs through Friday the 12th, but for the Sounders they have a scrimmage against the VancouverWhitecaps in AZ (not to be confused with theMarch 6th date in BC) and then have several off days until ther trip to participate in La Manga II against the likes of Rosenborg BK and their 21 League Titles, 9 Norwegian Cups and 3 straight trips to European competition.

But before Seattle can take the stage in a Euro competition the League needs to address the issues that the Players have, at least a little bit. A reminder on the "big issues"

Free Agency with Decentralized Control
Guaranteed Contracts
Quality of Life Issues

Sure there are some simpler issues like an increase in Salary Cap (word is 17%) and a possible change in the number of roster slots (2 more slots likely means the difference between 2 keepers and 3).

But unless the issues left are minor the snowstorm that has hit NYC, DC and the rest of the MidAtlantic, NorthEast and MidWest could cause a major snag for Major League Soccer.

The easy route is simple - just agree to another extension. The more difficult road though is the one that uses this odd weather as an excuse for the League and ownership to flex a little muscle.

By Friday Afternoon we will know if MLS is negotiating for the good of 2010, or the good of its current owners. For the Sounders the potential of signing players like Fucito, Wahl, Smith or retaining Boss/Eylander, or Zach Scott. Things like 20+4+4 could change. Wahl, Brown, Neagle, and Fucito could be granted real free agency.

These changes MATTER, and a silly thing like record snowfall could change the pre-season.

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