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Sanna's brace reminds Sounders fans of presence

There isn't a ton you can take away from the first pre-season match/friendly/whatever. Sure it is nice to win, even if it is only 3-2. Certainly the Sounders lineup was stacked with Substitutes, Reserves and Trialists. In fact only 3 Starters saw time (Marshall, Alonso and Evans) and Evans was played at Right Back as it appears he will move up the depth chart and get the Match Day One start.

It was also a bit notable that Ianni played as a Centerback, and that Neagle played as a wide midfielder (he has primarily been used as a fullback in scrimmages). Both Wahl and Scott got their time at Left Back as they are competing not just for space on the depth chart, but also a spot on the roster.

For the most part though this was a game to help determine who gets to make the trip to Spain with the Sounders. And a small little reminder that Sanna Nyassi is still on the club, and might have a decent future. Nyassi was used as a Right Mid, Left Mid, Center Mid and Withdrawn Forward last year, and it would seem that the most forward role suits him, at least if a scrimmage win over a Division Two side is an indicator. Sanna put two in the net today.

Lamar Neagle also scored (his on a corner). Josh Gardner (on corner) and Nate Sturgis both tallied an assist. As Chris Eylander competes with Terry Boss for a Senior slot it should be noted that Boss was a DNP and Eylander had two netted against.
































That's my interpretation from reading online reports, including the live blog at, as well as how players were used last year. Vagenas and Alonso could have been swapped.

Sigi spoke about Nyassi's play and it really seems that he is much better in the freer roles forward.

"It was good. Sometimes with Sanna playing up top is easier for him because it gives him a lot more tactical freedom to run around and do his thing. From that standpoint he was free today to do that and because of the way they played really gave him a chance to expose his speed. With a little bit more he could’ve probably had four today, four or five. A couple of breakaways there as well. But he came up with a big goal with his second goal. It was also a great play by Nate Sturgis."

With various nicks and knocks assumptions can not be made on the status of a few players.  Terry Boss, Mike Fucito both Did Not Play. While Eddie Johnson and Patrick Lane will rejoin the team AFTER the trip to Spain.

The "Arizona" phase of training is now done. Next up is Spain, and several more matches. We'll have a strong clue as to the club's makeup during that trip.

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