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Open Letter to NBC/Universal Concerning Tape Delay

To Whom it May Concern,


The United States has hosted the Winter Olympics on four occasions at three sites. Two of those sites the people of NBC have determined don't deserve to see the Olympics live on NBC. Neither Utah, nor California will be able to get live results on television in the USA, two states with HUGE Olympic history are being ignored by a programming decision.


I live in Seattle, and though I could drive to British Columbia and get the results in just over two hours if I want to watch it on television at home I will be forced to wait three hours, because some one decided that no one in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City would actually want to watch a sporting event live.


We are no longer stuck in the 80s, when ABC made the mistake of tape delaying Monday Night Football, you have sadly chosen to copy that strategy in an era of email, internet, twitter and facebook. On twitter feeds that I followed I had a 3 hour advance notice of the Opening Ceremony. I knew everything that would happen, so I chose to ignore what you had on the television, there was no point.


Today, a Saturday, I am home with a dog and wishing that I could watch live sports programs, and I can. But only if I don't care about the Winter Olympics just a few hours North of me. I can watch Fox Soccer Channel and see the world's best soccer teams compete - LIVE. I can watch BBC America and watch 6 Nations Rugby - LIVE. There are a dozen stations showing college basketball - LIVE.


But the first medal of the 2010 Games I will not get to see live, nor the second, nor the third. I will be made to wait, because NBC/Universal seems to have decided that nearly 100 Million Americans don't know what the Internet is, nor do they have friends/family in the East.


You are making a mistake, and it is one that could easily be corrected. Sports TV ratings are up in 2009, and will likely be up in 2010. The reason is because of surprise, and that by being LIVE they are events that can not be missed. This year, I can afford to miss them, because I will already know the results, for unlike your decision makers I live in the 21st Century.


Thank you,


You can email NBC at the following email

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