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3/11 Community Shield between Seattle and Portland

People need to quit the concern, the fright, the fear mongering. Sure, it is designed around being a General Admission event against a team with the most passionate supporters AGAINST Seattle, but everyone involved is smart, and aware. I don't know if we are seeing concern trolling from the anti-SG people online but the fret and worry is quite unnecessary.

Seattle Sounders FC are aware. Portland Timbers are aware. Emerald City Supporters are aware. Gorilla FC are aware. North End Supporters are aware. The Timbers Army is aware.  They are all taking action to make certain that a few rogue elements don't ruin an event whose ultimate goal is charity.

The concern on the GoalSeattle forums got to such a level I contacted a few people who actually know what's going on with the match planning. Bart Wiley, Director of Business Development and primary contact for the Alliance Council and Supporters Groups, had the following to say

We are working with the Timbers front office and Qwest Field on the possibility of fan specific sections and will do everything possible to ensure a fun environment on 3/11.

The word from the Timbers Army people is quite similar. They want the focus to be on the match, the charities involved, and want a situation where they don't need to focus on policing SG tourists, but instead can focus on the match.

In talking with ECS leadership it should be noted that they are pushing for for segragated sections as well in order to reduce the chances of an incident that would detract from the nature of the match.

Sounders FC is big time now. Portland Timbers are on their way. The pettiness of the past is making way for a vibrant rivalry, but it will not be one where security and staff are reacting, but instead where both sides are proactively seeking to minimize incidents and instead have the focus of any match day on the match.

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