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What Do Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and a Puppy Dog Have in Common?


So you know when your friends go on a long, sun-infused vacation? And they ask you to pet sit their dog at your house? Except they're not really very close friends, and at first you're not sure how it's going to work out? But then you discover that this pup is the sweetest, smartest, best-trained dog you've ever known? And he's a good watch dog? And he makes incredible defensive headers?

Wait wait wait. Getting ahead of myself.

This dog is so special and so amazing that as the trip goes on you find yourself wishing that when your friends arrive home they'd forget they actually owned him so you could keep him.

(Because wishing that their plane would crash would just be wrong. Even though technically you'd be wishing that it would crash after their vacation, when a plane crash would be protecting them from having to go back to work. So you would really have only their best interests at heart. Seriously, they should be grateful.)

But anyhoo. Guess what? The friends have agreed to let us keep their puppy. If by "friends" we mean "Deportivo Cali" and by "puppy" we mean "Jhon Kennedy Hurtado" and by "have agreed to let us keep" we mean "have agreed to let us pay a boatload of money to acquire."

(Or so one would assume. Details, as always in MLS, are deep dark secrets.)

And best of all, we've also signed Brad Evans to an extended contracted and re-signed Tyson Wahl.

(Pretty sure Tyson is the puppy in the middle.)

And we didn't even have to bomb any planes to make it happen.**

**P.S. Dear Homeland Security: I am kidding about the plane bombing thing. I know that's not an acceptable excuse when you're actually at the airport, but I'm thinking that on a blog you'll let it slide?


Okay, fine. The name is Palin. Sarah Palin.

(Or, if that offends you? We could go with Gregoire, Chris.)

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