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Rhyme or Reason behind the Lineups in the loss to Rosenborg?

I like to talk in the terms of Starters, Rotationals, Subs and Reserves. These days though those final two sections are really just Trialists. The depth chart is in flux, and so Sigi had to choose a lineup that he hoped could win, but at the same point the Sounders are trying to figure out a few spaces who the starter will be (RM and CB), and are the depth is certainly up for battle.

It feels like time for a little graphic


      Predido (46)      
      Levesque (46)      
  Neagle   Vagenas   Estrada (46)  
  Rayner (46)   King (60) for Alonso      
      Sturgis (46) for Vagenas      
Gonzalez (60)           Riley
  Wahl Hurtado   Marshall Scott (60)  
    Wallace (60)   Ianni (46)    
      Eylander (46)      


There are few things that need a little explanation. Left and Right fullbacks played a mirror image. In the first half Riley was the more typically attacking player, while in the second half that went to Gonzalez. In the midfield the more defensive Sturgis came on for Vagenas, and later King assumed the now more attacking role that Alonso had assumed.



 What is really notable for me, besides a Seattle team that can't play in the rain and that 3-nil scoreline is that the Sounders played only 6 starters to start the match, and only 8 throughout (because one of Marshall/Ianni will start). The Sounders treated this more as a preseason match than a match contesting a "minor cup."

That may be due to the first opponent. Rosenborg is damn good in their league and make trips to Europe with fair regularity. They by the way only put 13 total men on the pitch. Only two subs, they played this like a game, not training. They have won 3 La Manga Cups, and for them this isn't as minor a trophy as it is for an MLS side.

Of course, maybe MLS treats it a bit worse, as their chances of winning are lower.

Sigi talked about how a few of the players did.

I thought Nate Sturgis came in and played very well in the second half for us. I thought Kasey was good in goal. I thought Freddie Ljungberg  played well and was busy enough for us. Sanna Nyassi had some moments. Certainly his speed presents problems for the opposition. His decision making still needs to improve. I thought Stephen King came in and played well. I also thought Roger Levesque came in and played very well in the second half. So I was pleased with those guys.


Perdido had a chance where he almost scored.  I don’t know if Montero was offside on the one. It was certainly close. But I didn’t think we embarrassed ourselves, but certainly the measure of the game they were the better team.

With so much depth in the midfield the competition between Sturgis, Vagenas, King, Neagle, Nyassi, Fucito, Rayner, and to a lesser extent Levesque should be tight, and honestly good for the club. It will likely wind up bad for 1 or 2 of those guys. It also won't get easier when they get back to the States when Gardner and others may rejoin the Sounders.

For those that watched the feed, or have read the reports what are your thoughts on the Sounders first loss of the year?

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