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Rosenborg 3-0 Sounders FC. Four Things That Have Not Changed in the Off-Season

I was able to catch the middle 40-ish minutes of the game today (and if you were following me on Twitter, you would have had a stream too, at least until it died twenty minutes into the second half. And the fact that it was just a retweet of the GoSounders link rather than something I came up with on my own is completely irrelevant.)

The game was wet and painful to watch and very much a pre-season match, with lots of halftime subs and second-half players I couldn't recognize by sight. (Which for the first ten minutes actually included Roger Levesque. Hey, is it my fault he looks like a different person with short hair?)

Four things that have not changed:

1. Osvaldo Alonso is still a demigod in the midfield.
2. The Freds did not magically start to click when we weren't looking.
3. We still don't have anybody who can do corner kicks. Actually, with Le Toux gone, we're in even worse shape than we were last year.
4. We need a goalscorer. (Insert an infinite number of exclamation points here.)

The first half was pretty much our starting lineup, with the Freds up front. (Nate Jaqua missed the trip with that inflamed abdomen thing.) Pete Vagenas was in the central midfield where Brad Evans will probably play when he's not on USMNT duty, and Tyson Wahl started at leftback instead of Leo Gonzalez. In the two positions most up for grabs, Sanna Nyassi started at left mid and Lamar Neagle at right mid. I'm guessing it was their reward for scoring against Vancouver.

Because plainly in the rain, in Spain, they get to do more than train.

(Sorry, sorry, sorry. There have been "My Fair Lady" lines just screaming to get out of my brain for the last two days. And I'm afraid I'm not even done yet. It may get worse before it gets better.)

Second half players included Chris Eylander, Patrick Ianni, Tyson Wahl, Nathan Sturgis, Rayner Michael, Tye Perdido, Roger Levesque, then Zach Scott, Leo Gonzalez, Stephen King and Jamel Wallace. I didn't get a good feel for how anybody did second half; I was too busy trying to figure out who was who, especially since the newer players didn't have names on their jerseys. And just as I was starting to figure things out, the stream died. So I'll leave the analysis to the pros.

In fact, after I pasted the names from the official Sounders site I was thinking, "Wait. Stephen King played?" It was that kind of second half.

To sum up, the match sucked. The weather sucked. The Sounders sucked (although the starters looked a little more cohesive toward the end of the first half.) And Sigi and Adrian are frantically calling Nkufo in Holland and screaming, "We don't care how much you want! We don't care how old you are! Please come now and start scoring goals!"

(But more on that later.)

On a positive note, the only way to go from here is up. Right?

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