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And the Newest Sounder Is...


Oh. Crap. Wrong Estrada.

(Sorry, sorry, sorry, David. That one probably got old in utero, didn't it? All I can say in my defense is that you're in Seattle now and we bloggers need to get it out of our systems just like everybody else. Pretty sure I'm done now. Almost positive. Although I must confess that those action figures are so amazing that I am not deleting them off my hard drive just yet. But I'll try to find an alternative use for them.)

Also: What the hell kind of people actually bought those things?

msoccer - KL But anyhoo. The actual new Sounder would be DAVID Estrada, first-round draft pick and former UCLA player. He was a bit unexpected, meaning that few if any of the SuperDraft mock drafts had him going in the first round. But he seems to have really impressed in camp. And now reports are that he has signed as an official Sounder.

If you're unfamiliar with David, Seattle Soccer Examiner did a fun interview post-draft that compares his story with the movie "Goal: The dream begins." But with less cheese and better acting. And this report said he didn't even plan to watch the first round, because he didn't expect to get picked:

Salinas soccer star David Estrada has plenty on his mind as Major League Soccer makes its draft picks this morning. “I won’t be watching the first round," Estrada said this morning, "because I am sure I won’t be selected, but I will be watching online the second, third and fourth rounds."

“My dad is working," he said, "so it would only be my mom and I watching the results online."

Awww. That twang you just heard? I believe it was my maternal area.

More fun stuff: An interview with the "UCLA Official Athletic Site" that talks about, among other things, going from walk-on at UCLA to National Freshman of the Year.

Congratulations, David! Score tons of goals and make us proud!

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