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La Manga Match Tomorrow

La Manga match number two tomorrow. High hopes that it will go better than La Manga match #1, wihch Sigi, in his typically understated manner, called "unacceptable."

And in other news, the Titanic was a "little mishap" and CBA negotiations are looking a "wee bit iffy." (More on that later.)

Tomorrow's opponent is Stabak of Norway, who are not supposed to be as good as Rosenborg and who also lost their first match, 1-0, to FC Nordsjælland. The game is at 6 a.m. Pacific. Yes, a.m.

Joshua Mayers (the new Jose) over at the Seattle Times will be doing a liveblog here. I stopped by the one from Thursday after the fact and it looked like fun, so if you're up and about and have nothing to do tomorrow morning, I'd recommend stopping by the Times to hang out and keep him company.

The fact that Joshua is in Seattle but able to liveblog tells me that there must be a viewing stream out there somewhere. (Unless he's liveblogging Matt Gaschk's liveblog. Which would be interesting.) I've got questions out about how to watch and will let you know what I find out.

And just for fun, you can keep up with details of how the tournament in general is going at the La Manga 2010 page at Wikipedia.

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