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Scrimmage against Danish Side Midtjylland a Test of Reserves

Wednesday's match will not be live-blogged. Not here, not at Sounders FC. The 60 Minute scrimmage though will be a time for the Reserves (really, there are reserves already?) to get time. This will also be the return of a few players from hamstring injuries.

Today's double training session do give us an indication of Senior and Reserve players. Check out the rosters of the two games that were played. In the morning session it was a 9v9 game.

with three small goals on each end. The drill addressed changing the point of attack and, defensively, shifting quickly once the ball is switched. The session concluded with a shooting drill emphasizing playing balls into space, getting a quality first touch and shooting quickly.

Orange team: Gonzalez, Marshall, Hurtado, Riley, Ljungberg, Sturgis, Alonso, Estrada, Montero

Blue team: Wallace, Parke, Wahl, Scott, King, Perdido, Vagenas, Zakuani, Neagle

Do those teams look like a Senior and a Reserve side to you? The afternoon session also featured a game.

The 11 v 11 finished 1-1, with Tye Perdido sliding into a Lamar Neagle cross to put the orange ahead. Freddie Ljungberg slipped a short through ball to Steve Zakuani for the blue’s equalizer.

Blue team: Keller, Gonzalez, Marshall, Hurtado, Riley, Zakuani, Sturgis, Alonso, Estrada, Ljungberg, Montero

Orange team: Eylander, Wallace, Parke, Wahl, Scott, Fucito, King, Vagenas, Neagle, Graham, Perdido

Things are starting to work themselves out, and Estrada has obviously taken a key role with the injury absence of Jaqua. His frequent work (55% of available playtime) and twice being paired on that Senior side mean that Sigi and team are seeing something they like.

Nate Sturgis seems to have grabbed the opportunity that Evans call-up and Riley's Red Card have given him. At this point doesn't he seem the likely starter in the midfield with Alonso? Sturgis remember has played 50% of minutes so far and tallied an assist.

Both Taylor Graham and Mike Fucito are working their way back into the picture. Fucito participated in both morning and afternoon session while Graham was in the afternoon session only. Sigi spoke at length about the injury status of the team.

Everybody feels like they’re ready to go. That’s their job; they’re job is to tell us, ‘I’m ready, I ‘m ready. I’m sitting here and I’m ready.’ I expect that of players. I expect players to provide for the team, that they want to get back on the field. Whether Fucito or Graham or any of the guys coming off injuries who are now ready to go makes a big difference. 

(on the status of Fucito and Graham)

Fucito was back in full training today so we look to see him on Wednesday and possibly on Thursday as well. We’ll see how he reacts to Wednesday. In terms of Taylor Graham, he did some work with us today. I don’t know if he’s going to get into any games while we’re here, but hopefully he’ll be able to get full on training tomorrow and Thursday.

(on having two more players ready)

We always want extra bodies. Obviously Sanna took a little bit of an injury here, so were’ hoping he can come back again soon. It’s preseason so you still want to be careful you don’t push somebody beyond, where maybe if it was during the regular season you might put someone into a game right now. So you want to make sure they recover and they get healthy. But it’s always great to have extra bodies.

So who will we see play in Sigi's Arrow tomorrow?

It will probably look a lot like this

    Levesque (ankle)    
Fucito       Neagle
Wahl       Scott
  Graham/Wallace   Parke  

This is due to the word Reserve being floated as well as the injury levels of Nyassi and Ianni. Levesque has an ankle issue so he's unlikely to go the "full 60" but I would expect that we see him and either Estrada or Montero. but there likely won't be a lot of subs with the Sounders facing last year's Norwegian winners for 5th place in La Manga Cup II on Thursday.

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