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Neagle beats Brann - Makes statement

 The Sounders took 5th in the La Manga Cup II for 2010 with their win over SK Brann of Norway. But again, these matches aren't necessarily about wins/losses, but instead about competing for time. That window is narrow (unless the rules change) as March First approaches. The competition for the last 1 or 2 Developmental spots is seems to be down to Lamar Neagle and Mike Fucito.

While Wallace and Predido may have their advocates, at this point I'm down to the guy who proved everything possible last year, and the guy doing it this year. Both have played about 50% of the available minutes when healthy. In the videohere Ljungberg mentions both.


The Developmental Roster (4 Players) is down to Nyassi (RW, LW, WF), Estrada (RW, WF, CM), Montano (attacking) and one more player. I have no trouble with all of the youth players being attacking players. Generally attacking players peak younger as athleticism has a greater influence than it does on the backline.

Neagle's statement today though was on a corner. He was in the right place and somehow the ball got through the mouth of the goal. But he has shown positional flexibility (RM, RWB, LM). His ability to back-up Riley should be of note, particularly as place on the depth chart is wide open.

Mike Fucito though is called out by Ljungberg as part of why the team was able to attack better today. His play up top or out left help ball movement and his skill at shooting on goal change some dynamics for the team.

At the end of Phase Two of pre-season here are your Points Per 90 Leaders

Player PP90 G A
Nyassi 2.47 2 0
Zakuani 2.00 1 0
Gardner 2.00 0 1
Neagle 1.58 2 0
Ljungberg 1.02 1 0
Levesque 1.00 1 0
Montero 0.83 1 0
Vagenas 0.71 0 2
Sturgis 0.46 0 1
Alonso 0.41 0 1

Phase Three features the other two Cascadia sides and one from the Rockies as well. The team should be cut down to a smaller quantity as there are just over 3 weeks until Match Day One for 2010. Well, if this whole labor thing can get figured out.

Do you have a favorite between Neagle, Fucito, Wallace, Predido?

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