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We Need a Decongestant, OR: What Do You Think About the Schedule?

My first thought about the schedule:

NOOO!! Not another LA Galaxy May afternoon home game! Brings back those Tim Weyland flashbacks!

On the other hand, how often in our lives do we get the opportunity to create so many creative permutations of word constructions involving [douche + inanimate object]? That's the gift that keeps on giving year-round.


  • Only four day games! Huzzah! I always thought ambience was lacking at day games. By which I mean that if you drink beer you have to go home and sleep away the evening. (Although by "you" I'm pretty sure I mean "me.")
  • The home schedule is not quite as front-loaded as expected, given that we share Qwest with the Seahawks in the latter part of the season. Eight out of our first fourteen games at home. But it would still be nice to see some wins here to take pressure off the latter half of the season.
  • Even with the heavier early home schedule, I am on-my-knees grateful that they scheduled only one home game during the two weeks I'll be out of the country in May. And that's just San Jose at freaking noon, so I don't think I actually care.
  • Remember, still to be scheduled: Three international friendlies, CONCACAF Champions League, and Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. (And let's not forget that World Cup is in there somewhere as well -- which probably won't affect us much directly, but will affect what can be scheduled when.) Can we get a decongestant here?
  • This is the first and last time the standard thirty-game MLS schedule will involve each team twice, once each home and away. Enjoy it while you can.

What are your thoughts? Anything I'm missing?

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