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Two Off Season Votes this Season for Sounders FC

As the whole concept behind Democracy in Sports continues to be refined there are currently two ongoing votes for Sounders FC Alliance members.

The first is a continuation of the Alliance Council. Four more just recently reached the 25 vote minimum and 15 now serve.  Eleven of us wil be ending our term at the end of this season, while those elected this year will be done in 2011. We advised the club for longer terms because we had trouble learning the system and extent of influence. They agreed. All Alliance Members can vote this year, click here to do so.

When you visit there you will also be asked to vote on the future of the Golden Scarf ceremony. The three options are to give it only to fans of the team, only community icons or a mix of the two. Now, it isn't my job to tell you how to vote, but I think that this tradition will only be relevant if the people who get it are significant to a large segment of the fanbase. Yes, I got one, but I didn't get one because of who I am. Instead I was part of a group that got one to represent YOU. But a Scarf before each match to a fan, for just being a fan doesn't seem right.

It is notable that of the 15 people on the Council they break into following groups (some members of multiple groups)

Emerald City Supporters - 6
Gorilla FC - 4
Bloggers - 3
Women - 3

Both Supporter Groups are organizing to get more on the Council, and probably will. If you are a member of another Group it might be a good idea to get someone on the Council. If you feel that the SGs have too much representation you need to find someone who represents you.

If you are running and need more support, feel free to campaign in this thread or by using the FanShots/FanPosts.  

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