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No Goals? Perhaps the Problem Could Be Solved With a Little Help From Merriam Webster

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David over at the Goal Seattle forum has a thread up entitled "WTF are the GOALS?"

I'm assuming the "W" in the title is for "Where"?

But then again it could be "What."

Come to think of it, that could be the issue, couldn't it? Perhaps the entire problem could be solved by Merriam Webster:

Imagining a little chat from Sigi:

"Freddie? Fredy? Zak? Yet-to-be-named guy who's going to play right mid? It's time for a little schoolwork. Repeat after me:

GOAL: Main Entry: goal
Pronunciation: \ˈgōl, chiefly Northern especially in 1b & 3a also ˈgül\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English gol boundary, limit
Date: 1531

2 : the end toward which effort is directed : aim
3 a : an area or object toward which players in various games attempt to advance a ball or puck and usually through or into which it must go to score points b : the act or action of causing a ball or puck to go through or into such a goal c : the score resulting from such an act"

There ya go. Problem solved.

Was that so hard?