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MLS CBA Insta-analysis

There's only one important thing we got out of today's teleconference: There will be a season. Ok, there's two important things: We don't need to go through this again for at least five years.

I'll stand by my analysis of a few weeks ago in at least one sense: Neither side was looking for a fight. If owners had been looking for a way to break the union, they certainly had their chance to lock the players out or let them strike and hope for a revolt. If players were looking to prove a point, they could have held out for free agency and forced the owners into taking actions they didn't want to like using scabs.

This deal, while short on details, appears to have involved at least one major concession: There will be nothing like free agency in the next five years. I'm guessing the players accepted a large increase in salaries as the door prize.

I would have thought the only way players signed a deal like this without free agency was for a shorter-term deal. Of course, in five years the league will probably have a much harder time pleading for patience.

I give the players lots of credit here for showing a willingness to walk back from so many of their reps' statements. At least a few players certainly had to swallow some pride after so much chest-puffing talk.

Cooler heads prevailed on both sides. And for that we can all be thankful.

UPDATE: It looks like senior rosters will be increased, minimum salaries will be raised and some players could see as much as a doubling in salary. ESPN's Jeff Carlisle also says players with three years of MLS experience and are at least 24 years old will have guaranteed deals.

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