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The Dream I Probably Shouldn't Tell You About

So I had a dream about the Sounders last night. My dream included about a full minute of the game. During that minute, they hit the post four times. No goals.

This is not the kind of dream I would like to be having the day before the season starts. But after seeing both the Vancouver and the Portland games, the part of me that likes goals is very, very afraid.

But anyhoo. Sounders are back and so am I. And SO much has happened since I last posted!

  • First, I know you've heard about the new CBA, right? (You would have if you followed me on Twitter. Which you should.) We have a deal for the next five years. It looks like both sides gave a little to get it done. The union didn't get close to getting all they wanted, but they did get higher salaries, a lot more guaranteed contracts, and a different way of handling the rights of players who are no longer under contract. (And part of me is still thinking, " draft? WTF?") But all in all a good thing.
  • Chris Eylander is a Sounder no more. This is heartbreaking, if not unexpected. (While I was away, Terry Boss established himself solidly as the #2 behind Kasey. But...Eylander. Sigh. There goes another USL guy.

    I searched high and low for a stirring rendition of "You Tore Out My Heart and Stomped that Sucker Flat" in honor of the occasion, but alas could not find one. Chris, we will miss you. Best of luck, and heartfelt thanks for everything.

  • Roster deadline is today, 2 pm Pacific. That's when we'll need to have our roster trimmed to twenty senior and 4 developmental players -- a number that did not change with the new CBA. My maternal area is bracing itself for the pain that is sure to come.
  • Best spam comment of the day was on my "How is Hurtado Like a Puppy Dog?" post; it came from "Stop Dogs Chewing."

    Which is not quite as good as the one on my "Trialists are Like Chickens" post that invited me to build my own chicken coops, but still.

  • Philly. Tomorrow. Return of Le Toux. Yeah. (And dammit, we'd better score.)

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