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Sounders v. Philadelphia Union, Gamethread

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Just looking through some of the pre-season predictions around the soccer world, today's matchup would appear to be a huge mismatch. While the Sounders are predicted to make the playoffs almost unanimously, the Union are expected to finish in dead last by almost the exact same margin.

Among those throwing their support behind the Sounders are Soccer Inside Steven Goff and Soccer America who each predict at least a conference title; Climbing the Ladder and 3rd Degree goes one step further and predicts a MLS championship; even RSL Soapbox thinks we'll finish on top of the conference.

Even with a few key players missing from tonight's lineup, anything less than a victory will be seen as a letdown, if not necessarily a significant setback.

I'm here at the George & Dragon handling the gameday thread. If you happen to come by, I'll be the nerd in the corner with the computer. They've got the Huskies game on, in case that's what's keeping you inside.

Sounder at Heart is at Elysian Fields for the preparty. 

Notes- TV is ESPN2 with JP Dellacamera, John Harkes, Allen Hopkins. Radio on 97.3 will be Thom Beuning and Pete Fewing.

Sons of Ben, the Philly supporter group traveled with more than 60. SBNation has launched a Philly Blog