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Seattle 2-0 Philly (See? My Bad Dreams Are Good Luck!)

I'm trying desperately to remember what I ate and thought about before my dream, so I can eat and think about all the same things and have the same dream and use up all the bad juju on the nights before all of our remaining games. Because I'm pretty sure this win was all about me and my dreams. (I don't think they hit the post once last night. I'm taking credit for that. You're welcome.)

Also, I'm having a serious problem with the thought of Le Toux playing on this team for the rest of the year. Philadelphia, you officially have my permission to get better now. (Aside from the one remaining game you have against us. At which point: As you were.)

Also x 2, Brad Evans, welcome back to the midfield. You were missed.

All in all, a good game, especially given the weather conditions. Just a couple of little complaints. Like, Did the wind and rain make it really hard to hear? I kept thinking that so many of the turnovers could have been prevented by a simple "Man on!" And also, did my rain hood block my view of the AR's flag on the Philly non-goal, or did our guys stop defending before it actually went up? I know they definitely stopped defending before the whistle.

But I don't want to pick nits, first because...ick, and second because it is SO NICE to see actual goals at Qwest! I don't think I accepted either time that the flag was actually staying down until thirty seconds after the ball hit the net.

Humor: Philly coach Peter Nowak is upset about the red (double yellow) for Toni Stahl:

From the other standpoint we got to see all this flopping and diving and when you see the stats we have eight fouls and six cards that is too much. There is guys rolling around on the pitch like they got shot. I think we need to recognize there are guys doing this stuff and trying to take advantage of the referee decisions. I expect someone like Freddie Ljungberg who has scored so many goals and played hundreds of games with the national team and won so many trophies would be more honest than he is. He is complaining and whining about missing a goal and trying to push the referee for a yellow card is not up to his standards. I believe and we both played the game and I believe when you play the game you not only try to win but try to be honest with your effort. I think it is below his standards. That is just my opinion.

I haven't rewatched the game, but based on first impressions I'm thinking the Ljungberg foul looked legit. I'm thinking if I were him, I might be more upset about the second yellow, for the Montero foul. But maybe that's just me. (Or me + Fredy's reputation.) I was kind of surprised that Fredy kept getting so many calls, because after the first few games last year the refs kind of took any foul on him with a grain of salt.

But maybe my thoughts will change after I rewatch the game.

Must say that I don't want to get too excited about this match, because as my buddy Dave said on Twitter:

The Philly Union looked A LOT better on paper.

I'm seriously doubting that more experienced teams will helpfully get themselves red-carded in the first half or cheerfully leave players unmarked in the six-yard box.

Even so, though, there was a lot to be excited about. Like, y'know, an offense that can score.

*Happy sigh.*

I've missed that.

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