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All About ACES

I was just visiting the Analytics for this site, and I see that a number of people have stopped by today looking for info on ACES. I'm guessing that this relates to that sweet little airplane banner last night that kept flying over the stadium, wishing luck to Philadelphia.

For all the good it did them.

So what is ACES, you ask?

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so...


In short, Sounders FC is the girl on the left. ACES (which stands for Any Club Except Seattle) is the girl on the right. And the boy in the middle is MLS and American soccer, adoring us for our enthusiasm and record-setting sellout crowds. (Not to mention our cuter shoes.)

In short, ACES is a group so adorable that you just want to pinch its chubby little cheeks.

You know. Before you go back to your everyday life of being enormously popular and forgetting they exist.

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