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The BIG Announcement. We're Waiting With Bated Breath. (Not Baited Breath. Unless You're My Cat.)

Some kind of big announcement in less than an hour. BIG. We are all waiting with bated breath.

You know. Bated: Breathing that is subdued because of some emotion or difficulty.**

As opposed to "Baited." As in, "scented like bait."

"My cat has caught two mice this week. She is thirteen. I think she must have baited breath." ***

Best guesses from around the blogosphere: A BIG-name friendly, or a BIG signing. There have been rumors of another fine Colombian joining the team, but according to those with better memories than I, Montero and Hurtado didn't merit their own BIG announcement. Keller and Ljungberg did. So make up your own mind.

10:00. Be there.

Or stop back by here. That works too.


Bated is just a shortened form of abated (meaning - to bring down, lower or depress). 'Abated breath' makes perfect sense and that's where the phrase comes from.

***That's a true story about my cat, btw. Two mice. The old gal's still got it.

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