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The Big Announcement: Blaise Nkufo

nkufo2Blaise Nkufo. Now that he's an official Sounder, I guess I should post a picture of him with his clothes on. He'll arrive this summer after the Eredivisie season ends. Oh, and after that little World Cup thing.

(I know you're suddenly interested in Switzerland, so I'll spare you the trouble: Group H, Spain, Chile, Honduras.)

I believe the pronunciation is "blehz KOO-Fō." Yes?

Bad news: We have to wait till summer.
Good news: Fredy and Co are going to be playing their butts off in the meantime to keep their starting spots after he arrives

Also? This means that for once in my life, I was right and my buddy Chris was wrong. I am savoring the moment.

Of all the announcements it could have been, this was the one I was hoping for. Please, please, please don't disappoint me Blaise. Come in uninjured and score lots of goals!!

For those who missed it previously, here are some videos to make you dream:

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