Designated Player slots explode in number

Official MLS release here. What does this mean for the Sounders? Who knows, I wouldn't be surprised if the Nkufo signing was made with this already in mind. Our biggest issue would be clearing roster space to accommodate up to 2 more Designated Players, but I'm sure we have the money to sign big name guys. This is clearly a move made with the World Cup year in mind and certainly in the hopes that certain Thierry's might decide to mosey on Stateside after the Cup is over. I think it will be very, very interesting to see how this plays into things and to see what the Sounders do with it. Lots of possibilities.

Frontpaged: You can

Up to 3 DPs per team. Much lower cap hits overall. Now can be offered to a player under contract already. will have the teleconference.

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