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Second Goal is Now Tyrone's, OR: Hey, We CAN Score on a Set Piece!

News out today is that the second goal -- which Tyrone Marshall seemed so thrilled to have scored on Saturday, only to have it snatched away and declared a Nat Borchers own goal -- has now officially been awarded to Tyrone.

Goal's at about the 2:40-ish mark, although must warn you that audio and video are completely mismatched by a long shot, and the video quality (thank you, KONG) reminds me of those jerky 1920s clips. But alas, it's all I got. I can't tell any more from watching this than I could on Saturday night, but he does seem to make contact.

Which means we do have one player who can score on a set piece. Hallelujah!

Other than that, I'm choosing to stay positive about this game. Seattle drew the champs, away, at altitude, and they scored two goals of the kind they never score. (Because how often do our guys score on one-on-ones with the goalkeeper OR on set pieces? Exactly.) Sure, they gave up two they shouldn't have, and sure, their passing was off, and sure, I have huge question marks about Sigi's subs, and sure, they benefited hugely from Morales going off, and sure, they shoulda won it. And giving up the win in the last seconds hurts.

But Zakuani's goal was amazingly composed, and I see great promise in Pat Noonan. And...uh...Seattle drew the champs, away, at altitude. Did I mention that?

Oh, and we scored two goals. I have a feeling that this season that will be something to be happy about.

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