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Gratuitous Nudity

Yeesh, I hope I am I doing this right...


Really, I don't understand why people demand to see Freddie Ljungberg with 'Gratuitous Nudity'. Though he does seem to enjoy it sometimes. Anyways, hope that fulfills your Freddie fix for the week. Let me know if I should keep that up. :D

It's interesting keeping the blogoworld separate from the real world, but I am trying hard to blend the two. Wait. Keep them separate, I mean. Because you know, it's only when I am sitting there juggling the real world, that I think 'Oh I bet the Sounders would play better with Marshall, Hurtado, and Alonso in a triangle defense...' etc.

Anyways, my thoughts on tomorrow's game. Apparently we're playing FC Dallas, and the match will be on at 5PM, and also available online (Arlo White says it's on Also, if you you are in front of a computer and can't for some reason get ESPN2, it'll be online on @ 5:00PM PST(link to player) streaming video. So you have many options for viewing the game.

And thanks for the comments. Rest assured, I am reading them. However, I want to try not always commenting back because then it'll give you guys the impression that I care. Which I don't. I swear. Let's see how long this lasts...

*cough* gonzo *cough* P.S. My favorite beer to pound is PBR, but to relax, I love me some of Vancouver's Granville Island Honey Lager. If ever you are at the Cambie in Vancouver's gastown, it's like four toonies for a pitcher (whew, Olympics). Although, I feel like everyone loves watching an EPL game with a pint of IPA, SPL and Guiness, or Boondesliga and Pilsner. I don't watch Calcio, cause I don't drink wine. Otherwise, I'm a homebrew man myself and make a mean amber weizen.

By the way, who else loves this idea? What better way to grow soccer in America?

Oh yeah. Back on topic. Thoughts on the FCD, over there somewhere. Notice me and Laurie called the same lineups? Heh, of course Fucito will probably come on late to save gas for Toronto. Yeah. Something like that.

Edit: Apologies for the errors! No excuses, don't know what I was thinking.

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