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Here's Why You Really Should Follow Me on Twitter

I should probably be busily writing up something about the Red Bulls game tonight. But I'd rather get ready to dye Easter eggs while explaining to you why you really should follow me on Twitter.

Tweets from the morning:

Rewatching the Philly game. Must say, our wet turf looks like the "before" photo in a Hair Club for Men ad.(There. I've said it. Shoot me.) about 1 hour ago via web

Note to haters: As a Sounders fan, I am allowed to say that. If YOU say that, I'll go all Toni Stahl on your posterior. about 1 hour ago via web

The tweet that should have come next, if only I'd had more caffeine and had thought of it earlier, when people would still have connected it to the previous tweet.

Funny how I have no problem posting photos of leather-clad men in zip-up thongs but can't make myself type the word @$$.

And the one that should have come after that:

Maybe that last tweet could have used some context.

Admit it. You'd hate it if I'd just posted another Seattle-Red Bulls preview.

Although if you want one of those, there's a tweet for that, too.

RT@daveredbulls. My buddy Dave (Red Bulls fan) did a preview so I don't have to. (Lulling us into complacency?)

SCARVES UP, SEATTLE! Kick some Red Bull a... as..... HEINIE!

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