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On my birthday US Soccer gives FIFA a gift

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Today is the due date for World Cup 2018/2022 hosting bids. Sure the US bid features film and images of Seattle as a host, but with the event being 8 or 12 years away and there are 18 cites with 21 venues competing to make the final 12 host sites.

The impressive thing is the USSF put together a 5 volume, 1200 page tome exalting our nation's virtues.

2018 seems to be about either of the following 3 hosts - England, Russia and the USA. There will be a strong push for Europe to host again, and while 2022 has 3 Asian nations attempting to host two of those would be recent repeats, only Qatar would be new and different.

Maybe for Christmas I will be able to celebrate the return of the World Cup to my home soil.

Have you signed up on the online petition for support?