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Injury Update: Fucito to Have Surgery

Mike Fucito and I talked on the phone about his injury earlier today, as some fans, particularly on this site, have been wondering about his status particularly during the goal-scoring drought. We started with him talking about when the injury happened.

I can remember the play. It was right after I got subbed on in the Kansas City game. I went down for a tackle on one of their outside backs and the knee kind of caught on the turf. It hurt then, and I limped for a bit afterwards but then kept playing.

It did not happen while celebrating the goal.

He described how early treatment consisted of ice and compression and failed to control the swelling. Later they would try draining the fluid. Eleven times doctors drained fluid, the build up continued. He eventually had a mechanical drain placed in his knee for more frequent draining. His leg has been in a brace or compression wrap almost every waking moment since the game against the Wizards.

Today that drain was removed and the doctors moved in the direction of planning for surgery. The operation will take place next week. Throughout the conversation while describing the fluid build-up, the soft tissue damage and the drains, Fucito was calm.

"You don't seem frustrated, but it's got to be frustrating."

I just found out about the surgery today. I haven't been in the best mood. I'm frustrated.

There isn't a time-line for recovery. They will have to see how the surgery takes, and then make a recovery plan after that. The fluid generation has prevented standard healing of the soft tissue. The operation will in effect quilt the soft tissue together so that the fluid can no longer prevent the healing process.

The good news is that some of the recovery will happen during the World Cup break.

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