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Qatar's World Cup Bid is Something Out of Star Trek

This is not hyperbole. If Gene Rodenberry were to have a background image of a sports stadium it would generate its own power; it would be wrapped in a mediatronic skin; it would be climate controlled; it would be directly connected to mass transit. It would not just be a palace for the game, it would be a palace for the hosting city/nation.

That's what Qatar wants to do for the World Cup.

They are quite serious. This bid for Qatar, and their bid for an Olympics Game that eventually fell short, is part of the Gulf State's desire to be seen as more than just an oil state, but something more. That more goes beyond sports, but does use sports to get recognition.

It is a small nation (1.4M people) with an enourmous per capita income (83k US$ per). It should not be in the running to host a World Cup Their national team isn't very good, and their national league is two good teams, and a bunch of also rans. But they are a nation, that represents a region, with aspirations that go far beyond their current stature.The Arab Gulf States have an emerging green business sector, and Dubai is quite famous globally for its opulance.

This is not a bid for a single nation, but a bid that has managed to gain pan-Arab support and in some ways is being seen as a symbol of a block of over 400M people in an economic block much more powerful than Brazil or SubSaharan Africa.

It is also a bid that should never be considered on the nation bidding's merits.

So they are going big. With dynamic and bold ideas that the USA, UK and Russia can not match in this current climate. None of those nations would build stadiums that seperate like Voltron and become two smaller stadia. In America we can not have 8 stadiums out of Avatar 2. Russia can't build stadiums that are carbon neutral. The UK can't start from scratch when they already have dozens of stadia that qualify.

Qatar can.

It is the bid of the idealist and the dreamer. An idealist and dreamer with some amazing ideas.

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