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Sigi means to break out the 4-4-2 again

Today, in his post-practice quote fest Coach Sigi Schmid noted the effectiveness of the offense when they have been in the 4-4-2. They are going to discuss using it over the next few (I'd read that as two) matches.

So the question is, who and how?

First there are several common variants on the 4-4-2.

Traditional 4-4-2 with both layers of four having the outside players get forward more than the inside

Diamond 4-1-2-1-2 with a CDM and a CAM

Arrow 4-1-3-2 with a CDM and a WF

Inverted with aggressive wingbacks and wingers playing almost a 2-4-4

Wingers rather than wide mids playing like a 4-2-4

Lopsided, or assymetrical with one wide mid playing both ways and the other as a winger

All can be used successfully, and have throughout the years. Is there one that you would prefer?

Here are the healthy players listed as Attacking or Defending (Evans listed both times, as is Sturgis)

Attacking: Montero, Ljungberg, Zakuani, Levesque, Montano, Noonan, Nyassi, Estrada, Sturgis, Evans

Defending: Marshall, Graham, Parke, Gonzalez, Ianni, Riley, Wahl, Scott, Alonso, Evans, Sturgis


What variant would you prefer to see the Sounders play? Who do you start?

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