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Spectacularly Bad Idea of the Day: Steal the World Cup from Brazil

The US has its popularity problems, as the hegemon of the day is wont to have. Heck, the Romans have PR issues to this day and their empire fell 1,534 years ago. In any case, it's just a fact of life that there are people around the world who resent the US, for reasons real or imagined.

Apparently, their numbers are not high enough for Denz over at RSL Soapbox, because today he proposed the most effective thing to make Brazilians hate the US into eternity: take away their chance to host the World Cup.

Even more, what's the rationale behind depriving the people of the world's most passionate soccer nation the joy of hosting the premier event on their soil again after 60 years? It's not fair to ask the poor Brazilians to shoulder the burden in these hard economic times, and the US should extend it's paternal hand to relieve them, because it knows so much better what's good for them than they themselves do.

Brazilians would see such a proposal as personally insulting and the height of arrogance to boot. They would be very quick to point out that Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, Goldman Sachs, and the rest of the cabal that demolished the world economy had their headquarters on Wall Street, NY, USA, and not Avenida Paulista, SP, Brasil. The further out conspiracy theorists would probably say that the US wrecked the world economy specifically to set up the theft of the World Cup.

If the US wants to help Brazil, it could start by rebuilding the world economy and then making sure that it doesn't destroy it again. But if we think we're short on enemies, this plan is a surefire way to instantly create 200 million more.

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