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CCL Preliminary Round v Metapan (El Salvador) Tickets on Sale

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Season ticket holders started getting notices today for the CONCACAF Champions League Preliminary Round game v Metapan of El Salvador on 28 July 2010. My tickets came in at a VERY reasonable 12$. I currently pay 20$, if purchased on a single game basis they would be 26 or so. Essentially the Sounders are charging half-price for my seats.

That's fair, and honestly, this will be a great way to see how many people will come to a game that matters, but doesn't have the draw of even a Boca or Celtic. It will also likely mean that those that haven't been able to go to a match due to the relative sell-outs from forced capacity will be able to a see a quality match that both sides are trying to win.

Non-Season Ticket Holders will have the opportunity to buy seats on Monday at 10AM.

Will you be going? Are the tickets reasonably priced?