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A few thoughts on Timbers' new logo

The Sounders' biggest rival unveiled their new logo the other day to much ... fan derision. Timbers supporters were less than impressed by their side's attempt to update what was essentially the team's crest since its days in the NASL.

At first glance, I wasn't sure that I agreed with the strong feelings supporters voiced when they booed the new logo's unveiling during a public ceremony at halftime of the U.S.-England match. Upon closer inspection, I'm now convinced this logo -- unlike both the Sounders' and Whitecaps' new logos that accompanied their ascensions to MLS -- is more of a step back than a move forward.

Unlike the Whitecaps' recent logo unveiling, the explanations for this one don't seem to line up with the actual result.


  • The three chevrons? Well, they're barely visible. Also, they are used in an entirely different way from the original. While the original used the chevrons to depict a tree, the new one supposedly references the three eras of Timbers soccer. Frankly, I find that to be an afterthought.
  • The logo generally seems to downplay the team's past, not highlight it. Rather than highlighting the team's nickname (Timbers) it highlights the city. Even the new "axe" looks more like one Gimli would carry into battle, not the ax that Paul Bunyon would use for work.
  • By "breaking outside the confines of the circle" the crest now looks much more like a logo.


I think the Timbers made a mistake here. Despite claims otherwise, the team seems to be running away from its past, not embracing it. While they often deride the Sounders for manufacturing their style, the Timbers seem to be doing just that here.

The old logo had its problems (the font is pretty forgettable), but it had a classic feel. I think simply using an updated Helvetica-style font would have sufficed as a worthy upgrade.

Curious what you guys think?

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